Member Agreement

The member, or parent/legal guardian of the Member acknowledges and agrees as follows:

  1. I acknowledge and agree that I will maintain membership and pay the dues specified to Joon No's Taekwondo (JNTKD). I agree that I will be liable for dues for the entire term of this agreement in the amounts as stated herein regardless of usage or any change of circumstance. I agree that fees are payable in advance and must be paid by the due date. I acknowledge that all fees paid are non-transferable and non-refundable if the member stops training temporarily or withdraws from the club.
  2. I acknowledge and agree to pay the annual membership fee as specified by JNTKD.
  3. JNTKD or any party designated/engaged by JNTKD may photograph or film me while I participate in JNTKD activities and I agree to the use of any and all such photos, video footage and/or video streaming for promotion, sales, publicity and advertising purposes for all media, including, but not limited to, the internet.
  4. The required physical exertion may be strenuous and cause physical injury and I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. I hereby represent that I am physically fit to receive and participate in the prescribed course of instruction. I acknowledge that I have been advised to consult with a physician prior to and regarding my participation in the classes and that my physician has confirmed to me that I have no medical condition which would affect my full participation. I voluntarily and knowingly recognise, accept and assume this risk.
  5. I indemnify and will at all time hereafter well and sufficiently indemnify and keep fully indemnified JNTKD, its owners, teachers, employees or any persons acting under its authority from and against all actions, suits, causes of action, proceedings, claims, costs and expenses of JNTKD. I acknowledge that neither JNTKD, its owners, teachers, employees, and all persons acting under its authority shall be, nor be deemed to be responsible or liable (whether in contract or in tort or under any statute whatsoever) for any injury, illness, mishap, damages to, or loss to my person or property of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to death, no matter how caused, arising from or in connection with my participation in classes/activities.
  6. I acknowledge and agree that requests for membership holds due to travel are for a minimum period of 4 weeks and a maximum period of 12 weeks at a time.
  7. I acknowledge and agree that requests for membership holds due to illness or injury must be supplied with a medical certificate provided by a medical practitioner. The duration of the membership hold will be subject to what is stipulated by the medical certificate.
  8. I acknowledge and agree that all requests for membership holds must be received in writing to JNTKD, with a minimum of 1 weeks’ notice.
  9. I acknowledge and agree that the Direct Debit Flexi Membership fortnightly fee has been calculated over a 12 month period and debits will occur on an ongoing basis irrespective of holidays.
  10. I acknowledge and agree that the Glen Waverley 6 Month Unlimited Membership and Glen Waverley 12 Month Unlimited Membership fees have been calculated over a 12 month period and therefore are applicable to an entire 12 month period irrespective of holidays.
  11. I acknowledge and agree that for memberships that are on hold, drop in rates will apply to classes I attend within the membership hold period.
  12. I will provide notice of cancellation of my membership by a method which leaves a paper trail such as email or personal delivery.
  13. I will comply with all the specified etiquettes, rules and regulations of JNTKD.
  14. I acknowledge receiving a copy of this agreement.
  15. I acknowledge and agree that the JNTKD Member Agreement is subject to change without notice and is available for viewing on New conditions are effective immediately from the date of change, by continuing to be a member, JNTKD understands you have accepted any and all updates.