Age Specific Classes

Star 3-6 years

Children of this age group are becoming more social and enjoy making friends with a broader range of people. Physically they are much more coordinated and Taekwondo classes are a great way to channel their high energy levels.

Stars will begin to learn the foundations of Taekwondo in a fun, safe and social environment, with the guidance of positive role models and expert Instructors. In classes they will practice key skills such as listening and following instructions, sitting still, sharing, taking turns, speaking clearly and using their voices confidently.

Solar 7-11 years

Students of this age group are considered to be in middle childhood and they are experiencing many developments both physical and cognitive. Taekwondo training assists students to develop control over their body and their emotions. They also learn to be self-reflective and set goals towards improving their behaviour.

Our program tailored for the Solar age-group focuses on the learning of confidence, discipline, positive outlook and self-defence. Students learn about bully busting and stranger danger, and they further develop their self-defence techniques and fitness levels. A large emphasis is placed on goal setting, being motivated, and achieving success, not only in their martial arts endeavours but also in their schooling and home-life abilities. The classes for this age group are led by expert Instructors who will guide and cater for each student as an individual, ensuring they continually progress in all areas of their lives.

Nebular 12+ years

Young teens are at the prime age to engage them in leadership roles and give them a voice in decision making. Our program provides an opportunity to students in this age-group to mentor younger members of the club. In turn, they learn to be positive role models, nurturing, and confident, through our leadership program. Taekwondo training during the teenage years has proven to be a positive outlet for stress relief and provides students with the benefits that come from engaging in a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

This program is also suited for adults and assists members in their endeavours to keep healthy in mind, body and spirit. Our expert Instructors will assist adults to gain fitness, strength and flexibility, meanwhile catering to the needs of each individual. The beauty of Taekwondo is that it is never too late to start and all of our classes are beginner friendly. Learn empowering self-defence skills, relieve stress, get fitter and more confident in your skin.

Classes are held in a positive and supportive environment where students are encouraged to push themselves physically, view themselves as leaders and challenge themselves to master their traditional Taekwondo and sport Taekwondo techniques. Age appropriate life skills that relate to their physical, emotional, social and intellectual wellbeing are addressed in the Nebular curriculum, covering topics such as personal safety and self-esteem.

Galaxy 35+ years

Taekwondo training is a holistic and fun way to keep fit for members in this age-group. Taekwondo specific exercise requires the use of all the major muscle groups, and as we focus on the use of our core and lower body it is considered to be one of the highest kilojoule burning sports out there, which means time efficient and effective workouts.

Taekwondo is also an individual sport which means you are able to progress and build at your individual pace and enjoy your journey of improvement without any external pressures. Our Galaxy program will assist parents or even grandparents who have children partaking in Taekwondo to connect with their kids and bond through engaging in an activity together.

Universe Family Taekwondo

Training as a family unit is something that we highly recommend at Joon No's Taekwondo. Our Universe classes are a way for families to achieve this. We believe in the power of positive example-setting by adults. Rather than telling children about the importance of exercise, when children see their parents being active, they more than often follow suit.

Partaking in Taekwondo classes as a family ensures fun, quality time spent together, while also getting in an effective workout. Classes focus on giving respect, teamwork and cooperation. They are a great way to celebrate being a family unit, to learn new things together, and for everyone to feel that they are part of a team. Begin your journey to becoming a family of Black Belts today!

Black Belt Training

Our highly experienced Instructors and refined learning syllabus ensures that our Black Belt graduates are some of the most knowledgeable and best trained in the industry. More importantly, graduates are fully accredited by the World Taekwondo Headquarters, which means achieving Black Belt 1st Dan with us is globally recognised.

Our Black Belts have access to speciality classes which are led by Grandmaster Joon No (9th Dan), which allows students to further their understanding of Taekwondo philosophy and deepen their martial art practice.

Speciality classes allow for a continual progression of abilities and also provides a pathway for our Black Belts to pursue success in higher Dan gradings. Furthermore, our Instructors are always training on a consistent basis and refining their skills so that they may deliver classes with precision and passion.

Olympic Sport Taekwondo

Joon No's Taekwondo has always been a top performing club with a strong record of success. In our 40 year history, we have produced a multitude of state, national, international and even Olympic champions.

Our competition specific classes are aimed at providing expert coaching and training to ensure our students achieve success at interclub, state, national and international level competitions.

Competition specific Taekwondo training often fosters a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. Students also learn the power of goal setting, dedication and great work ethic.

Getting Started

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